Yes, some women are quite content wanting to be a stay-at-home mother or if they want a career, they choose a less rigorous one.

Although feminists say they want women to have equal rights and opportunities, they’ve only argued about it with regards to white collar positions.

If men and women were expected to be truly equal in all aspects of work, let’s extend this to a few other jobs: can a woman be a competent construction worker? Can a woman be a truck driver? Can a woman work as a miner? Can a woman be a prison guard? Can a woman build nukes? Can a woman climb all the way up an electrical tower and repair it? Maybe she can if she tried hard enough, but if all these things are already physically demanding for men, how much more for women?

Men and women are simply built and wired differently. I do agree that the corporate office culture ought to change to accommodate women. Also, social biases against women are toxic (women are presumed to be catty, dumb, self-indulgent, and materialistic), BUT women shouldn’t be shamed for wanting less or wanting to work in a female-dominated field (fashion, nursing, etc.). There’s nothing wrong with a woman who believes she isn’t cut out for a male-dominated role and also doesn’t want to endanger her financial future by taking out hefty loans for higher education. I’ve also noticed personally that women are judged for what they study. On a side note, people subconsciously judge STEM women as smarter while they judge liberal arts women as stupider and less competent.

Hope this cleared it up. Thanks for your response!

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