My Middle Name Is Fan And I Have 10 More Ryan Fan Jokes For Fans Of His Writing

1. Ryan Fan doesn’t try to get a million views per month. Each view tries to get a million Ryan Fans.

2. Ryan Fan gets curated so often that Medium is considering starting a new topic and naming it after him.

Imagine yourself writing an article and getting it curated in Ryan Fan!

3. Satire wishes it could be as funny and witty as Ryan Fan.

4. Generic self-help articles hope they could die and reincarnate as Ryan Fan articles.

They believe the next life as a Ryan Fan article would be so much more fulfilling than their current one.

5. Ryan can get a dozen top writer statuses just from a single viral article curated across 36 topics.

6. Journals write down their ideas, beliefs, hopes, dreams, fears, feelings, and thoughts in Ryan Fan.

7. Ryan Fan doesn’t refresh his stats. Stats frantically refresh their Ryan Fan every 10 seconds.

8. Everything Ryan Fan touches turns into a curated article.

9. Ryan Fan doesn’t need to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to be a successful writer. 4:30 a.m. needs to wake up at Ryan Fan EST.

10. Success binge-reads 10-point listicles on how to become Ryan Fanful.

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