Five Reasons Why Introverted Empaths Need A Lot of Time Alone

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1. Being around a lot of people for prolonged periods of time drains them of their energy.

Since they are both introverts and empaths, they have a strong need to be alone so they can work on pursuits that are solely for themselves. If they spend too much time trying to meet the demands of so many others, they will reach the point where they will snap from anger and exhaustion because as introverts, their energy comes from being in tune with their inner selves and as empaths, absorbing the feelings and stress from other people robs them of their own energy.

2. They need time to recalibrate themselves, and lack of alone time causes them to feel directionless.

Introverted empaths love their alone time and the feeling of rejuvenation that comes from re-organizing their lives down to the finest details, meditating, reflecting on their direction in life, and doing creative activities that energize them because when they are alone, they are able to be honest with themselves without fear of absorbing any negative energy from others or anything external swaying them away from their path.

3. They flourish best when they are in the comfort of their own room.

Introverted empaths can be paradoxical in nature — they love being by themselves so much, yet they are finely attuned to the emotions and needs of others. They have a hard time saying no to requests because they believe that others would think that they are neglectful if they refuse to help out. However, doing too much of this drains them of their energy since they thrive when they act upon their internal energy rather than the external — they want to flourish on their own terms and not be weighed down by trying to appease everyone, which involves attending to even the most frivolous of things just to avoid the feeling of others complaining about them.

4. They will erupt if they feel stuck in a life that doesn’t align with their nature.

Introverted empaths who are stuck in difficult circumstances often erupt or run away if they feel constrained by those around them, especially by those who don’t leave them alone. If they are stuck in a life that pulls them down, they operate in fight-or-flight mode (this is why they erupt when they are in fight mode and why they run away when they are in flight mode). If their current circumstances do not allow any room for personal growth, they will remain unhappy rambling around like a helpless creature competing with others for survival and suffer from being treated poorly by those who dehumanize them (but those who mock them for not doing better in life are the major reason why they aren’t growing — introverted empaths need time to be creative and find better ways to thrive, but they can’t do this when someone is micromanaging them, being condescending, and demanding them to give up on their quest for fulfillment).

5. They need power, but not in a conventional sense.

They despise trading their time for money, their energy for others’ approval, and their dreams for other people’s control over them. They hate accommodating those that are only condescending towards them and always have something negative to say, especially about their vision for the pursuit of creative endeavors and personal growth. This is not to be confused with entitlement or wanting everything to go their way. Introverted empaths can be highly dedicated to their jobs because their intrinsic motivation pushes them to be better for the sake of the work itself, not for extrinsic rewards. Introverted empaths can be great parents and great caretakers. However, if they are expected to remain servile to those that belittle them and destructively criticize them, they will lash out and feel resentful for having their power taken away.

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