Excellent article! You highlight several important truths about opinions and biases, which I have been thinking about over the past few weeks. As a society, we’re constantly being pushed to have an opinion formed on absolutely everything (especially true for political opinions), even when it doesn’t concern us or we really have no authority, first-hand perspective, or knowledge about certain complex issues. Some opinions are promoted as being the “most” valid, while others are seen as “intolerable” (this is tribalist thinking which is only based on feelings and cognitive biases). It is best for each individual to have fewer opinions and think critically about the origins of these opinions, but unfortunately, due to the mainstream media and psychological coercion, people are afraid of “not having the right opinions.”

Thank you for writing this. It’s very refreshing to see this issue addressed in such a clear and unbiased manner!

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Poet. Writer. Music lover. Bird in spirit. A living paradox. Website: https://larkmorrigan.com/

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