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Lark Morrigan
Poet. Writer. Music lover. Bird in spirit. A living paradox. Website:

Last updated: Jan. 31, 2021

Welcome to my little home (er…bird’s nest) on Medium!

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Selfie taken by the author (with her signature bird’s nest hair).


Hello. I’m Lark Morrigan. I’m glad you are here.

As a poet and writer, I’m currently in the stage where I’m just trying to put myself out there, prove to myself that I can overcome debilitating self-doubt, and become a better poet and writer than I was when I started out — nothing more but certainly nothing less.

I don’t have a niche and don’t see why I should box myself in by picking one. Most of the time, I write poetry and self-reflective musings. …

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Artsy Vibes, via Unsplash

A open letter to you on days when you feel like you’ll never be enough.

I see you hurting. I see you grasping for answers — and anything to ease your mind as you navigate through a thick cloud of confusion, loss, brokenness, and everything else under the sun — only to be left with open-ended questions that you don’t feel good enough to address.

I see you spinning your wheels yet still feeling like the faster you spin, the more you keep falling behind, as if there were some invisible force pushing you back to where you started no…

Know Yourself #4

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Steve Carter, via Unsplash

Name three works of art (music, literature and visual art/architecture) that mean a lot to you.

I am inspired by a variety of art and each of my interests show various sides of me, so it was very difficult to narrow my list down to three works of art that mean a great deal to me.

However, the following I’ve selected have constantly been sources of comfort and creative inspiration for a long time. I’ve loved these creators as a child, discovered more of their works as a teen, and I still love them just as much today.

I cannot think of any millennial or Gen Z creative who has cited John Denver as a major…

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Joshua Rawson-Harris, via Unsplash

At the start of the year, I wanted to do things differently and shed my old identity as “just a mediocre sad girl on the Internet who is constantly unable to push forward due to mental constraints and limiting beliefs weighing her down.”

I wanted to do more, partially because I am not okay with doing less (even if nobody were watching) but mostly because I am fed up playing small and standing in my own way when it comes to things that are doable if only I focused more on creating and less on the mental loop of “not…

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Fabian Centeno, via Unsplash

Most of us have something to prove about ourselves. Some are not open or honest about it, while others are. Some pretend that they are so pure that nothing external ever gets to them.

But if you have this feeling it’s not because you’re a moral failure — it’s just that we’re wired to care about where we’re going, who could be judging our paths negatively, and what we’re doing wrong (according to others’ evaluations) that stops us from meeting a certain standard that we want to meet.

I do not judge you if you do have a lot to…

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Carolyn V, via Unsplash

I know it’s unwise to talk about projects you’re going to do if you haven’t even finished them yet.

But I can confidently say that I can talk about this particular one (and one only) because I have a track record of completing two poetry books and both of them took less than a year to complete. I was in charge of the front and back cover design, revising, editing, interior layout, the summary, and putting all the bits and pieces together without paying a single cent to anyone.

I wasn’t concerned about it being a bestseller because changing myself…

Free Verse

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Fabian Centeno, via Unsplash

Lost in the game
of trying to prove myself,
I have become
the loser.

I have toned down
my conviction,
I have shied away
from burning desires,
I have not dared to
call my steps progress
out of fear that I am still
not worthy enough —
I have lost sight
of everything good
by obsessing over every
little thing that is wrong
with who I am.

But this dead weight
is burdensome
and I cannot hold it anymore.

I no longer want to live in a manner that puts ruthless competition and proof of external validation above honoring your…

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