Lark Morrigan
poet. writer. explorer of paradoxes. music lover.

Last updated: Nov. 18, 2021

Welcome to my little home (er…bird’s nest) on Medium!

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Hello. I’m Lark Morrigan. I’m glad you are here!

I’m a poet, writer, music lover, textbook INFJ, 19th-century poetry fan, and artist at heart.

I am simply here to express myself creatively and cultivate my own style and voice as a writer, and I wholeheartedly believe that staying true to…

Read this if you are really tired of trying to fit into the crowd of sameness

Jonathan Borba, via Unsplash

You’ve probably heard many times that a smart and effective artist would make what sells well so that they can get a big following, which would allow them to make whatever they want later.

For the most part, this makes sense because if you make weird shit that only you…

That have nothing to do with popularity, prestige, or wealth

Kirill Pershin, via Unsplash

In an extrinsically-based and metric-driven world, it is tough to evaluate the true extent of your abilities and natural talents. You can exhaust yourself by coming up with all the ways other people make you feel like you can never measure up and why it’s worth giving up.

You wrestle…

Lark Morrigan

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