10 Reasons Why Willpower Is Ineffective For Personal Growth And Success

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Source: Nina Uhlíková, via Pexels (Pexels License)

1. Applying willpower is an act of repression.

2. You’re forcing yourself to be what you’re not.

3. Willpower makes you want more.

4. Willpower doesn’t work against resistance.

5. You expect willpower to give you superhuman levels of success that’s beyond your means.

6. Relying on willpower is a sign that your life is drudgery and full of dread.

7. Willpower breeds a judgmental and bitter attitude.

8. You assume that forcing yourself to soldier through intense difficulties will make you entitled to success.

9. Willpower makes you focus on the unattainable rewards.

10. You can’t learn, change, or grow organically.

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